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You are searching for a virtual picture journey through the city of Salzburg? Please visit following website:

- link: Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria's 4th biggest city, is not only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Sound of Music, the Festival Salzburg, or a popular holiday destination for tourists from whole over the world. No! Salzburg is also the city of the tasteful Mozart Chocolates!

The old town of Salzburg is an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. But which title should be given to the Mozart Chocolates then? The chocolates called "Mozartkugeln" were created by the pastry cook Paul Frst in the year 1890, and named according to Salzburg's biggest son: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In the year 1905 Paul Frst received the gold medal in Paris for his delicious creation.
Nowadays the manufacture of the Mozartkugeln has kept the same procedure as in 1890. The original hand-made Mozartkugeln are sold in all Frst Shops in the city of Salzburg (Alter Markt, Ritzerbogen, Getreidegasse and close to the castle Mirabell).
The industrial-made Mozartkugeln from Mirabell are the genuine ones, and can be ordered in the

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