Federal State Salzburg

Salzburg is not only a city, but also a federal state with a dimension of 7.154 kmē and a population of 520.000 inhabitants. So Salzburg (the city) is the capital of Salzburg (the federal province).

Salzburg (the federal state) is divided into five districts (vernacularly Gaue):
- Pinzgau (district capital: Zell am See)
- Pongau (district capital: St. Johann im Pongau)
- Lungau (district capital: Tamsweg)
- Tennengau (district capital: Hallein)
- Flachgau/Salzburg City and environs.
The city of Salzburg is its own administrative district.

Salzburg was an independent nation within the Holy Roman Empire German Nation.
In 1805 Salzburg was annexed by Austria. The Austrian Empire lost the battle in Austerlitz against Napoleon. So Austria had to pay the price, and lost it's province Tyrol to Bavaria which was allied with Napoleon. Salzburg was the compensation for such loss.
After Austria lost another battle in 1809, also Salzburg had to be handed to Bavaria. This time without any compensation.
In 1816, the year of the total victory over Napoleon, Salzburg became Austrian again and stayed it until now. Only one district had to stay in Bavaria, the north-western Rupertigau.