The first football club in Salzburg was the "Salzburger AK 1914". The so called "SAK 1914" was founded on the 24th June 1914. Between the two world wars, SAK 1914 was the leading club in the region of Salzburg. After the second world war, the club was not able anymore to link to it's glory days.

The two other important football teams of Salzburg were founded in 1923 (FC Hertha Salzburg) and 1928 (FC Rapid Salzburg).
On the 12th September 1933 Hertha and Rapid merged themselfs into "SV Austria Salzburg".

Austria Salzburg was the leading football club in Salzburg after the second world war until 2005. In April 2005 the energy drink manufacturers Red Bull bought the club, and changed it into it's enterprise team "Red Bull Salzburg".

Austria Salzburg was able to win the Austrian championship 3 times (1994, 1995 and 1997) and reached the European UEFA-Cup Final in 1994. They played Inter Milano, and lost in two very thrilling matches.

The football ground of Salzburg's first football club SAK 1914 in the Nonntal district.