Red Bull

Red Bull is the name of an Austrian energy drink, which was launched in Europe in 1987. The Red Bull headquaters is located in the federal state of Salzburg, in the little village Fuschl am See. There were almost 2 billions cans sold in over 120 countries in 2003.

The birth of Red Bull evolved itself after a trip of Dietrich Mateschitz and Nina Avery to Thailand. They have seen the tuk-tuk (rickshaw) drivers drinking a substance to keep them powerful during the day. Mateschitz and Avery became interested and created an unbelievable success story out of their holiday.

The big strength of Red Bull is their marketing plan. Their viral campaigns were the key to success.

Nowadays Red Bull is sponsoring extreme sport events. They have their own racing teams in the Formular One, two football clubs in Salzburg and New York, and one ice hockey club in Salzburg.

There are also rumours that Red Bull wants to launch it's own TV channel.