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Salzburg Castle

Castle Mirabell Palace
The Castle Mirabell Palace was created in 1606 by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau. In that time the place was a country seat, outside of the city walls, and described as "Castle Altenau". The castle was assumed for the lover of the Archbishop, Salome Alt.
The castle received todays name "Mirabell" by Princearchbishop Markus Sittikus. Mirabell means something like "nice view".
In the 17th century the castle was included into the city view of Salzburg. Fortress walls were bulilt around the castle from 1619 to 1653.
Destroyed by a fire in 1818, the castle was rebuilt in an austere classical style by Peter de Nobile.
The place gleams perhaps with the most beautiful Registry Office in the world.
If you take a walk through the wonderful decorated Mirabell garden, you can meet the weirdly humourous dwarves in stone. There is also a maze "hedge theatre" and a rosegarden included.

Water Castle Hellbrunn
"Everyone must be wet", is the cheeky slogan if you take walk in the garden around the castle in Hellbrunn.
Hellbrunn is an early baroque style castle with the famous water games in Mozg, a southern district of the city of Salzburg. It was created in 1613 by Princearchbishop Markus Sittikus.
Hellbrunn is the oldest, and to the north of the Alps, the only baroque castle with such kind.

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