Salzburg Church

The Franziskanerkirche is one of the oldest churches in Salzburg. The church was built on an early Christian praying place.
In the first half of the 8th century, the church was renovated the first time.


Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)
The Salzburger Dom was completed in 774, and is considered to be one of the biggest churches buildings to the north of the Alps. The church has a capacity for 10.000 visitors.
In 1598, the basilica was severely damaged, and after several failed attempts at restoration and reconstruction, the building was finally ordered to be demolished by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich. In 1628 the rebuilt church was completed.
During the second world war, the church was damaged by a single bomb. Only in the year 1959, 14 years after the war, it was possible to complete the repair works.